To Do: Go to a County Fair!

To Do: Go to a County Fair!

It’s fair season!


If you read Welcome to Fort Kickass, you know that I grew up in a relatively rural area. Corn and soy in all their rustling splendor, a designated drive-your-tractor-to-school day, and (of course) a day off for the county fair every September.


The fair ran all week, featuring everything from livestock shows to carnival rides. It was totally clutch timing: you had to go back to school in late August, but you could ease back into things by enjoying another few days of freedom in the form of Labor Day and Fair Day.


Unfortunately, my parents are not really Going Out people, nor are they Loud Rides or Rowdy Crowds After Dark people, so as kids we didn’t actually get to see too much of the fair aside from mid-afternoon Percherons. So when I went on a recent work trip for my day job and discovered we would be in Indianapolis during the Indiana State Fair, I totally jumped on it.

View from a Ferris wheel.
Indiana State Fair
Let’s do this!!
Adorable animals? Check.
Indiana State Fair
Cotton candy bigger than my head? Check!












To Do: Go Find a Fair!

What about you guys? Is there a fair close to where you live? Have you eaten a piece of cotton candy as big as your head — OR BIGGER?? You’re never too old to make up for lost Ferris wheel time, so get out there and enjoy!


Love and funnel cakes,


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