The Absolute Best Grown-up Jobs

The Absolute Best Grown-up Jobs

When I was four years old, I had a phase where I really liked dressing up in different outfits and then changing them again after 20 minutes. Life was short, man! How else was I going to wear ALL THE THINGS?

(I would also pretend to be Vanna White on the show Wheel of Fortune. My mom would announce me, I would come out from behind the curtains, and then she would call out letters — bing! — for me to turn on my imaginary, glamorous board. I was magnificent.)

But I wasn’t going to stick with my Wheel of Fortune career forever, of course. Here are some of the other jobs that little Emily thought were SUPER COOL:

1. Barrel Racer
A women-only rodeo event where you ride and wheel as fast as possible on your horse? YES, PLEASE!!

2. Alaskan Bush Pilot
I think I got this idea from Northern Exposure, which was a TV show set in a rural Alaskan town. The town relied on Maggie to fly people around and bring in supplies on her small plane. She was super cool and capable and involved in some kind of romance plot that went over my head as a little kid, but really. LET’S BE COOL GROWNUPS IN ALASKA.
(Edit: Oh, wow! I wasn’t the only one inspired by Maggie! Check out this cosplay by the Merry Wanderer!)

3. Dolphin Researcher
Was marine biologist THE career of choice at your elementary school, too? I watched a ton of Nature and National Geographic shows as a kid, so being a scientist when I grew up seemed like a good choice, too. I would just move to Hawaii after I was done being a bush pilot–there’s a whole research center where scientists work with dolphins and whales to research how they echolocate, hear, and communicate. SO COOL!

So many cool jobs, so little time 🙂 What were your ‘adult jobs’ you dreamed of doing as a kid?

Love and cool adventures,

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