Snowy Sundays and Christmas Stars

Snowy Sundays and Christmas Stars

We got the first snow of the year here in Maryland. It wasn’t very much, and I’ll definitely have to go to work tomorrow, but it was just enough to make the treetops sparkle when I took Rally for his walk this morning.

With the snow coming down outside, I figured it was a perfect day to start putting up some Christmas decorations around the house. I’m still fresh off of the book research for Devil’s Den, so these Mexican Christmas stars caught my eye. (Also, I love the southwest. Look at how cozy and magical New Mexico looks at Christmas time!)

I made a star design, printed it out, and then went nuts with some markers 🙂 What do you think? Here’s the string I put up above a doorway this morning:


IMG_20171210_121039_resized.jpgMake Your Own

Click here to get the template for these stars–each sheet makes one side of a star, so print out two for every star you want to make (front and back). Pro tip: color the stars first before you fold them and glue the tabs together. (I learned the hard way, haha.) Feel free to print and color these for your room, your bookstagram feed, or to give to a friend!

Love and estrellas,



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