Hello, Internet amigos! I am mad excited about these Oklahoma shapeshifter books. If you like Grimm, Supernatural, or if you’ve ever watched Sons of Anarchy and thought “Man, this would be six times hotter if everyone also had magical abilities and could turn into crows”, then these books are for you.


Murmur by Emily IsradMurmur 
Wildheart Series: Book 1

Hannah Sterling can change into a bird. Or at least, she could until this past summer. When the Sickness takes away her shapeshifting ability, Hannah finds herself grounded—maybe for good.

But there’s no time to worry about that. Life in Jessup, Oklahoma has started heading south, fast. A student is killed, a biker gang is on the prowl, and the man Hannah’s father just hired is seriously giving her the creeps. Meanwhile, Jack Corbin is discovering life as a miracle healer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and his strange powers are drawing clients and danger in equal measure.

When the darkness closes in, Hannah and Jack will have to take hold of their powers to protect the people they love. It’s going to take every ounce of luck—and magic—to get out of this one alive.

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The Raven Mocker by Emily IsradThe Raven Mocker
Wildheart Series: Book 2

For Jack Corbin, winter in Jessup, Oklahoma means a long line of sick shapeshifters. But when one of his clients suddenly dies, the sixteen-year-old healer suspects more than the common flu. Meanwhile, a strange couple arrives from out of town, hearts are going missing at the nearby hospital, and Hannah Sterling is seeing a dark creature no one else can see.

Jack and Hannah are growing closer, but will their powers be enough to fight this new menace?

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Devil's Den by Emily IsradDevil’s Den
Wildheart Series: Book 3


Something is in the air in Jessup, Oklahoma. Part of it is definitely springtime. The days are warming up, Aunt Tulia has a new beau, and the church’s Spring Clean Clothing Drive is going strong. And if Hannah Sterling and Jack Corbin are spending a little less time on homework and a little more time making out, who’s to know, right?

But when Hannah and the boys find a badly injured coyote shifter, it opens the door to a dark underworld and a nightmare straight out of Mexican legend. One thing’s for sure: come high winds or holy water, no one’s taking this town without a fight.

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