Image Inspiration: Starlings and Freckles

Image Inspiration: Starlings and Freckles


Two years ago, Hannah had shifted in front of a mirror for curiosity’s sake. All in all, it had been grossly fascinating, like watching someone peel a sunburn. Until you really got the hang of it, the aunts said, the body usually went through a quick but thoroughly grotesque phase between forms. There’s absolutely no shame in it, and things smooth out after about a year of practice, they assured her. But until then, you might not want to look too closely.


Hannah had watched closely, anyway, and she had come away with exactly two thoughts. One, her aunts were right. She was going to need practice. Two, she had suddenly drawn the connection between the freckles on her pale skin and the tiny spots on the plumage of her starling form. Eyes wide, Hannah had watched her freckles darken and flare before pouring down her chest like sand in an hourglass. It had been fascinating, weird, and, for a brief moment, intensely itchy.

Murder and Murmuration

Sources: Clockwise from top left:

Image 1: stoqued’s tumblr

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4: Photo by Sarah Rose Smiley 

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