Image Inspiration: Bikes and Crows

Image Inspiration: Bikes and Crows


The tree in the Bransons’ backyard was alive with crows.


It was impossible to tell if the crows were shapeshifters or wild birds, but Jack was willing to bet what little money was in his pocket that at least half the birds were men. Men who belonged to the Sons of Morrigan motorcycle club, if he wanted to be precise.


The Sons of Morrigan swore up and down that they were a local motorcycle club and nothing more. Town gossips, on the other hand, agreed that the Sons’ activities extended to more than riding bikes and hosting their annual toy drive every Christmas. Shifter circles went even further, whispering that the club looked out for other shifters, and woe betide the Statics who tangled with them. If you mess with shifters, Will had said once, be ready to see the Morrigan overhead.


All Jack knew was that Will’s family was in deep with the band of bikers.


– Devil’s Den




Sources: Clockwise from top left:

Image 1: Crow/Raven found in a Design Observer post; if you are the original artist, let me know!

Image 2: Crow tattoo : found on tassova’s tumblr

Image 3: Harley Davidson Sportster

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