How to Make Your Own Signature Stamp

How to Make Your Own Signature Stamp

We’ve all been there: you need something for your missives and letters, something cool that says “From the Desk of Moi”. But wax seals are messy, and signing stuff in blood squicks you right the heck out. It’s time to make your own signature stamp…and practically for free!


How to Make Your Own DIY Stamp


You will need:

foam sheet

block or other object for the stamp handle




ink pad

DIY stamp 1

The key player in this craft project is the foam sheet: You can buy these at any craft store like Michael’s or A.C. Moore, usually in the kid’s section. I bought a single sheet, which was priced at $0.49. This will be the part of the stamp that does the actual ink transfer, so any color foam will do. 



Next, find a sturdy object to serve as your stamp handle. You can use a cork, a flat rock, the bottom of a small jewelry box…anything to which you can glue your custom stamp shape.


Sketch your stamp design onto your foam sheet. Simple shapes are usually easiest to start with. Remember, the design that ends up on paper will be the mirror image of your stamp! (Especially important to remember if you are making letters.) 


DIY stamp 2


Cut out your stamp design and glue it to your makeshift stamp handle.

DIY stamp 3

DIY stamp 4


Let the glue dry thoroughly, then test out your new stamp!

DIY stamp 5

DIY stamp 6

Happy crafting!



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