How to Make Lavender Lemonade

How to Make Lavender Lemonade

Fall may be just around the corner, but there’s still a little summer left! There’s some lavender blooming in the backyard, so I thought I’d experiment with making some lavender lemonade.


I had actually never heard of lavender lemonade until recently, but it’s super easy to make! (I also think it’s something the Sterling aunts would totally whip up at the diner. Especially Tulia. Flowers in your drink? How romantic!)


Here’s how to make your own glass of lavender lemonade at home:


Lavender Lemonade Recipe

1-2 Tbsp. lavender leaves  lavender lemonade steps

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

Sugar to taste

1 cup water


Coffee mug or other heat-safe cup



Note: Make sure you use lavender that is safe to eat

(i.e., no pesticides or herbicides lingering on the leaves).


Strip dried or fresh lavender leaves off of the stems. Gather approximately 1-2 Tbsp. of lavender leaves and add them to your coffee mug or other heat-safe cup.

Pour ½ cup boiling water into cup with lavender leaves. Let it steep until the brew has cooled off.

Strain lavender brew to remove leaves. I just used my finger at the edge of the cup to keep the leaves back, which worked well, but a strainer or coffee filter would do the trick, too. Pour the cooled brew into your glass.

Add 1 Tbsp. lemon juice to glass.

Add ½ cup cold water.

Add sugar to taste. (I used around a teaspoon.)

Add ice for extra refreshment factor.

Sit in the sun and enjoy the last rays of summer!


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