Get to Know Me!

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Hey, bookish friends! I haven’t posted a ton about myself on here yet, so here are five things about me : )

  1. I have a dog named Rally — he is such a cuddle buddy! He’s almost 100 lbs., but he’s totally up for living the lap dog life if you let him.
  2. I love languages so much! I learned some Spanish in high school here in the U.S., and then I got lucky enough to live and study in different places: France for a bit, and then China for a few years, too. And did you know the Wakandans in the Marvel movies are speaking Xhosa, an actual, real-life language? So cool!
  3.  I’ve never been snowboarding, but it just looks so rad. Is it hard to do?
  4. I’m 5’9″. High school me was crazy gangly. Current me is moderately gangly 🙂
  5. And finally, I definitely get distracted in craft stores. Rows of tiny beads! Paper samples arranged by color! And Lord help me if there’s a clearance bin. Sigh.

These were silly, maybe, but I hope you enjoyed them. Tell me what else you’d like to know in the comments, or leave me a comment about yourself. 🙂

Love and linguistics,

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