Story idea when you try to actually write it:

Story idea when you first rewrite it:

Getting closer to what you saw in your head, eh? Keep at it!

Your story when somebody else sees it:



This is a lovely post. It goes to show that when we percieve our own work, most of us have some type of insecurities about our own talents. 

This is the nicest post I’ve ever seen

This is simply lovely and  positive and makes me want to write more!

I really love what this post has turned into. Writing is about hard work and dedication and as long as you have that, you don’t need anything else. It’s expected to not write the masterpeice in your head on the first try. It takes practice. And you might already be there. Your own eyes are always harsher than anyone else’s.

“Your own eyes are always harsher than anyone else’s.”

This is so true! Whether it’s your writing, your art, your body…don’t forget to back up, be kind, and cheer yourself on – many people are already cheering for you!

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